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  Shandong Lu Hong Fu Friends of Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

  People-oriented, strict governance industry, Houdezaiwu, integrity of others

  Shandong Lu Hong Fu Friends Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a commitment to animal drugs, health products research and development, production and sales, and aquaculture industry to provide professional and technical services of the Ministry of Agriculture GMP certification enterprises. The company was established in August 1999, by the Shandong days Runquan economic and trade Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Meilanti company co-investment in the establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures, is the domestic joint-stock enterprises, registered capital of 5,010,000 yuan in 2014 by the investment, the company Dongying Economic Development Zone moved to Jinan Port Economic Development Zone, covering 34 acres, the building area of nearly 20,000 square meters, more than 7,000 yuan investment, the annual production capacity of 300 million yuan. The company in January 2015 one-time through the Ministry of Agriculture third GMP re-examination. The company is headquartered in Beijing Tshine Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

  The company has 10 powder, premix, granules, the final sterilization of small capacity and large volume of water injection, oral liquid, disinfectant, Chinese medicine powder and Chinese medicine extraction workshop and feed additives workshop ten formulations. The new base now has a square cone pre-mixer, one step granulator and other domestic first-class production equipment and imports of advanced automated detection equipment, has become the most durable formulations, the most advanced equipment, the quality of the most stringent control of the enterprise one. Phase II planning will increase the microbial fermentation and coating, microcapsules and other formulations.
  Company employees more than 200 people, including experts inside and outside the province, composed of 20 technical advisory group, more than 140 professional and technical personnel, professional and technical personnel accounting for 75% of the total number of employees. And China Agricultural University, Shandong Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, more than 10 institutions of higher learning institutions to maintain long-term cooperation, research and development capabilities to the international advanced level.
  At present, my company's products have been all over the country 28 provinces, municipalities, accounting for 10-15% of the national market, including one-stop large-scale aquaculture group enterprises accounted for more than 40% market share.
  The company is now Shandong Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association vice president of Shandong Province, vice president of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Shandong Province veterinary clinical professional committee vice president, Shandong veterinary medicine executive director of the unit, 2014 Shandong Institute of veterinary medicine Jinan Institute Listed in the company set up by the Shandong Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association awarded the leading animal husbandry enterprises.
  Recently my company and Qingdao Agricultural University to develop new national veterinary drug "poultry virus disease traditional Chinese medicine soluble powder", the project has completed the drug, drug and clinical trials, into the approval stage. Is expected to obtain the national new veterinary drug certificate in 2016, will solve the current aquaculture industry, no good antiviral drugs available problems, the prospects are broad. It is expected that the market share will be 6 to 10 billion, and the development of related industries such as production and processing of packaging materials, transportation industry and nearby labor force will be promoted. In particular, the rapid development of local herbal medicine planting industry will be led to the formation of industrial chain And the tax made a great contribution. Indirectly create value of not less than 3 billion, but also can achieve good social benefits. Project production will need 50 acres of land and 100 million yuan of funds for traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop construction and operation.
  Companies follow the "integrity as a fundamental to the quality of life and service to the purpose of innovation and development," the concept of governance enterprises, adhere to the "people-oriented, strict governance industry, Houdezaiwu, integrity of others" corporate culture, in the whole Staff work together, pragmatic innovation, forge ahead, to build a century to lay a solid foundation for enterprises.
  My company for the Chinese food and livestock import and export Chamber of Commerce members, more than 30 products have entered the Chamber of Commerce electronic information platform, has been the Chamber of Commerce expert group of praise. Since the founding of the company, the Government and the majority of customers trust and support, and was awarded the Jinan Municipal Government, "high-tech enterprises," the title.
  With the continuous expansion of the scale, the company in Jinan, Pingyin County, the initial investment of 30 million yuan to build a modern dairy farm - Jinan Modern Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd., dairy farming scale will reach more than 3,000, and Yili Dairy to establish long-term cooperation relationship.
  Shandong Lu Hong Fu Friends of Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. all staff warmly welcome domestic and foreign counterparts, old and new friends, people with lofty ideals work together to seek a modern animal husbandry and veterinary development plan!